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For an elite academy, things aren't so bad. You live away from your parents, can do whatever you want, you can even live the thrill of being a monster hunter! It's perfect. What happens though when the monsters take over?
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 English is a Hard Language

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PostSubject: English is a Hard Language   English is a Hard Language I_icon_minitimeSat May 12, 2012 8:23 pm

The moment Ae Sook entered the school, she disliked it right away. Many words that seemed unrecognisable seeped into her eyes as she walked closer, holding tightly to the school aid’s hand. Her knees buckled together and her heart was aching for home, she wanted to go back to her homeland.

She couldn’t turn back though; she missed her home, her parents, and her friends back at home. She didn’t know if she could make any new ones here, it seemed impossible since everyone spoke this language called ‘English’. She quickly befriended the school aid; to her the lady was caring, generous, and willing to help Ae Sook. She liked people like that, always loving their job.

“어떻게 지금까지 애 Sook를 학교에 드십니까?” [How do you like the school so far, Ae Sook?] Ae Sook bit her lip and averted her eyes around the school.

“그것은 나는 그것에 익숙하지가 않은데, 이상한 느낌이 ...” [It feels weird, I’m not used to it…] Her aid nodded.

“괜찮아요. 지금 난 괜찮아, 당신은 다른 학생을 충족 도움이 될 당신은 곧 주위 환경에 금방 익숙해 져야 할까?” [It's alright. You'll get used to your surroundings soon enough, for now I'll help you meet other students, alright?] Ae Sook suddenly panicked. She tried many times to object but her aid just simply ignored her, there was no way she was going to embarrass herself just because she didn’t know the English language. She only whimpered after her failed attempts.

English is a Hard Language Coj6v
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English is a Hard Language
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