Nightrow Monster Academy

For an elite academy, things aren't so bad. You live away from your parents, can do whatever you want, you can even live the thrill of being a monster hunter! It's perfect. What happens though when the monsters take over?
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 Did you know? ~Nightrow Edition~

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PostSubject: Did you know? ~Nightrow Edition~   Tue Mar 13, 2012 3:07 pm

Once a day/week/whenever I feel like it, I'll post a 'did you know' fact about Nightrow/Goldrow in any way!
These probably are useless, but they're fun to know...?

But because this is the beginning of the thread, I'll post five.

  1. Nightrow was originally called "Nationality High" and was going to be a roleplay about a school filled with people from different countries and cities. There were no monsters included at all.

  2. Molly and Peter, the welcoming committing and 'icons' to Nightrow, were originally the student body president and vice president. After Nightrow was transformed from Nationality, Derek from Re:Alistair took over.

  3. The original plot for Nightrow was for all of the students to be on summer vacation and students were touring new ones. This explains why there are only two teachers in the school, originally zero.

  4. Nightrow Monster Academy never came from inspiration or live events. The plot just randomly came and became reality.

  5. There is an unseen, unknown principal in the school. She is online every day for at least a minute. If you can guess who she is, you get a cookie.
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Did you know? ~Nightrow Edition~
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